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If there is one thing in this world that we all have in common, it’s money. Some have a little, some have a lot, but everyone has it and needs it to survive. Why then, when everyone is faced with the same issues, is genuine financial advice so darn hard to obtain?

If you’ve ever visited a ‘financial advisor’, you may have noticed that they’re a lot keener to help out if you have lots of money to invest than if you’re scratching around to make ends meet. If they’re tied to your bank, they’re probably keen to sell you some of their products. Finding truly independent, worthwhile financial guidance is about as easy as finding a hot date on Tinder, which is why MyMoneyPlatform has been developed with you in mind.

Our innovative personal financial planning software has been designed to put you back in control of your cash. With one simple platform, you can control your whole financial world, anytime, anyplace. We’ve worked hard to jettison jargon and catapult complex calculations right out of the window, leaving you with something beautiful, easy to use and simple to understand.

MyMoneyPlatform is really a tiny little financial advisor who will always be there for you. He fits in your pocket, instead of putting his hand in it, and offers truly independent, unbiased advice to help you realise your financial goals. Best of all, MyMoneyPlatform is completely free, so you can keep all your cash for yourself!

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Step 1

Start by creating your MyMoneyPlatform account. All we need is your email address and a password and you’ll be ready to go. Log in with a bank account to start seeing how you’re spending your money. Don’t worry though, all the information is ‘read only’ which means it can’t be changed, so it’s just like looking at an online bank statement.

Step 2

Now you’re ready to start taking charge of your change! From here you can start categorising all your spending, so you can start to understand where your money goes. You can set up a goal for saving if you like, or can start assessing your financial health… whatever you like! You don’t have to do everything at once, but enjoy taking a look around and getting to know your money better.

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Step 3

Relax, you’re in control! You can do as much or as little with MyMoneyPlatform as you like. Add more accounts, include insurance or investments, or simply check your account from anywhere, any time. It’s your money, so enjoy being the boss.


Innovative software, designed to do more…

Calculations Conquered

Not really done any maths since school? Don’t worry, because we’ve built MyMoneyPlatform with some of the best mathematical brains in the business. All calculations taken care of in a click!

Financial Discovery

Not a clue where to start? No problem, because MyMoneyPlatform will generate a bespoke financial report just for you, with clear instructions on what you should do first and how to reach your goals with ease.

Expert Advice

With MyMoneyPlatform you can see at a click exactly what’s going on with your money. Not only that, this amazing budgeting software will also give you tailored advice and tips, and expert help every day.

Benefits of using MyMoneyPlatform

Beautiful, Brilliant and Brainy

Good looks and brains? Sounds a bit too good to be true? Well, welcome to our dream! We’ve spent many hours crating the perfect pocket financial advisor so that you can actually start to enjoy managing your money. A slick user interface, intuitive advice and minimal effort on your part… sounds like the perfect date, right?

Complete Control

It’s your money, you’ve earned it, so isn’t it time you got to grips with how it all works too? MyMoneyPlatform not only lets you see what’s happening with your money day by day, but also helps you understand how you could get your money performing better for you. Plan for the future, buy that new car sooner, retire earlier… the world is what you make it.

Get Money Smart

We’ve seen for far too long just how much control the financial services industry has over hard working people. Endless jargon, confusing products and impenetrable practices have made it almost impossible for young people to grasp the nuances of great financial management. We at MyMoneyPlatform have dedicated our expertise to helping you really understand what money is all about, making you smarter, richer and happier for life.