Do You Even Plan Bro? | MyMoney Platform

Do You Even Plan, Bro?

How Financial Planning Can Change Your Life Everyone has a dream that they wish can come true, maybe you want to travel or start your own business. Have you ever considered that these dreams could come true? What exactly is a financial plan? In simple terms, a financial plan is an assessment of an individuals…


Ah, It'll Be Grand | MyMoneyPlatform

Ah, It’ll Be Grand. Well…Maybe It Won’t!

‘Ah, it’ll be grand’, well maybe it won’t It can be tempting to just trust that things are going to work out. Sometimes they do…and sometimes they don’t. When it comes to your finances, you really want to avoid the second scenario. Unfortunately, that means that ‘it’ll be grand’ might not be the sentiment to…


How To Beat The Banks | MyMoneyPlatform

How To Beat The Banks

Ways To Beat The Banks In a world which appears to be run by the banks, it can feel like we are powerless. However, you may have more power than you thought? Take back control of your money Money affects all of us, without money we would struggle to survive. This is why it’s so…